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Benefits of Group Therapy Retreat

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What is Group therapy Retreat?

Group therapy retreat or wellness retreat in essence is retreat from the world in a calming location with a group of people all who have been through some sort of trauma, are battling an addiction or have been self-destructive. Moreover, couples attend these workshops as well to take a break from their busy lives of the outside world and shed light on their relationship, work on their weaknesses and enhance their strengths, bond to a spiritual and emotional level once more, and get back out there after a few weeks stronger than ever. These retreats can vary in duration depending on the needs of the patient or volunteer. A series of events are involved in different locations with a dynamic relief environment that enables self-healing at every aspect of life. In one particular location, a stay of few days with participation in group activities like meditation, yoga, brunch, photo walk, museum or art gallery visit and more, helps the patients find their self in the littlest joys and moments of life. It reconnects them to their true selves bringing the conscious and subconscious in alignment.

Suitable therapies for different patients

Hundreds of people who recently suffered a loss, are dealing with depressing situations, are having marriage problems, or simply those who want to step out of their shell and beat social anxiety to meet new people, all come to these retreats to work on themselves while helping others in achieving the same goal. There are usually two types of group therapies involved in the retreats. A psychotherapy retreat helps a bit more serious patients, those who have lost a loved one recently, those battling an addiction or a disease, couples suffering hardships in relationships, all these people require longer sessions with more professional help. Hence, usually a psychotherapist is a part of the retreat group who helps everyone individually and collectively as a group providing them comfort by making sure the environment is a safe space for every participant to express their feelings and emotions freely. A second form of retreat is a more short-term method of therapy for patients of anxiety or generally people having difficulty with self-esteem, self-care, solitude and self-compassion. This type of therapy retreats helps people accept themselves as they are, work on what they want to change, love their body and soul the way they are created, and tackle their anxieties. The sole purpose of this form of therapy is providing comfort and offering compassion to the patients.

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Why is a group important for this retreat?

The activities of the wellness center give way to thoughts channeling through the body, letting every participant involved reflect on themselves. Being a group is crucial for both of these types of therapies to take effect on the individual as seeing other people going through similar troubles and difficulties gives a person a sense of acceptance that they are not alone and brings them together with others. These people have been alienated, looked down upon, or simply indulged in self-loathing for far too long, so group retreat might just change their lives.…

Lupus – What Causes This Condition?

Lupus – What Causes This Condition?

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Majority of scientists believe that the condition lupus develops as a response to the combination of several factors both outside and inside the body, including environment, genetics, and hormones.


Many researchers today assume that an environmental agent, like a virus or even a chemical, encountered by a genetically prone person at random, can trigger the condition. Researchers haven’t identified a particular environmental agent yet although it is likely that the hypothesis remains.

Even though environmental elements that set off lupus and even cause flares are not completely known, ultraviolet light such as UVB and UVA are the most commonly cited ones, as well as infections such as the effects of Epstein-Barr virus, as well as silica dust exposure in industrial and agricultural settings.

Other common examples of possible triggers in the environment include the following:

Sulfa drugs that increase a person’s sensitivity to the sun

Ultraviolet rays from fluorescent light bulbs and sun

Penicillin or similar antibiotic drugs

Sun-sensitizing tetracycline drugs

Colds, viral illnesses, or infection


Emotional stress like illness, divorce, death in the family, or any other complications in life

Other things that can cause body stress like physical harm, surgery, pregnancy, giving birth, or injury


Researchers identified over 50 genes that can be associated with lupus. The said genes are more often seen in patients who have lupus than people not suffering from the disease. Although the majority of the genes are not shown to be direct causes of lupus, it is believed that they can contribute to the condition.

In many cases, genes aren’t enough. It’s evident with the twins who were raised in the same environment and had the same inherited features, but only one suffered from lupus. Even if one of the twins has lupus, there’s a huge possibility that the other one would get the disease. For identical twins, the percentage is 30% while for fraternal twins, it’s 5 to 10 percent chance.

Lupus may develop in those who have no family history. However, there are some autoimmune diseases in several family members. Particular ethnic groups have also greater risk of developing lupus that might be related to the genes they have in common.


Hormones are the messengers of the body. They regulate many functions of the body. Since 9 of each 10 lupus occurrences, researchers have looked at the relationship between lupus and estrogen.

While both men and women produce estrogen, the production is much higher in females. A lot of women have more symptoms of lupus before menstrual periods or during the pregnancy period when the production of estrogen is high.

It may show that estrogen regulates the lupus severity. But, there’s no causal effect proven between estrogen or some hormones and lupus. Studies about women with lupus take estrogen in either post-menopausal therapy or birth control pills have shown no increase in particular disease activity. These days, researchers focus on the differences between women and men, beyond the levels of hormones that may account for the reason women are prone to lupus and some autoimmune diseases.

Breast Augmentation with Medicare

Both breast lift and breast augmentation are surgical procedures. However, the point of difference lies in the fact that breast lift is done for an overall re-shaping and lifting of the breast, while breast augmentation involves the use of breast implants for enlarging the breasts.

Breast augmentation and breast lift are two diverse plastic surgeries. Often, these terms have been confusing women and they simply fail to understand which the best way to go is. Both the procedures, however, are meant for serving different purposes, even though they have the same goal- to enhance the overall appearance of the breast.

Breast lift surgeries are meant for improving the overall position and shape of the breast, thereby making them appear youthful. Although it is a surgery, in this case, the incision will involve the removal of excess skin that has been hanging loose, thus resulting in the sagging or drooping of the breasts. Along with excision of skin, the nipples can also be positioned accordingly to make the breasts appear firmer, uplifted and younger.

The so-called short-scar vertical breast lift is a relatively new method of breast lift surgery in the world today. This incision resembles a lollipop and goes around the areola and then vertically downwards. Only a skilled and efficient cosmetic breast surgeon can ensure that this incision is made carefully so that it is adequately hidden.

Breast implants, on the other hand, involve the process of enlarging the size of the breast by inserting artificial breast implants in each of the breasts, silicone breast implants are the most popular. Breast implants can add volume to breasts and can make them firmer, younger and fuller.

Breast augmentation surgery, or breast implants as it is commonly known, can be more or less expensive than breast lifts, the cost of the implant may be high and the procedure itself may incorporate a breast lift as part of the surgery. Straight forward breast augmentation has usually a shorter recovery period than breast lifts. The cost of this surgery can vary from state to state, country to country.

Although there are many differences in the technicalities of breast enlargement and breast lift surgeries, both these procedures complement each other in many ways. In some of the cases, your cosmetic plastic surgeon might recommend both the procedures for you. These cases are best determined by the surgeons but it is important to involve your opinion too.

When you are going for any type of breast surgery, whether it is an implant or a breast lift, you must consider a qualified board plastic surgeon that has specialized in this field. Breast implant surgeries are not just very easy; they can be some of the most complicated procedures than you can actually imagine. However, as there are often more than just the cosmetic reasons for breast augmentation or breast lift, surgeons give importance to all the factors that would drive a woman to go for this surgery.…